In North Texas, businesses play a large role in helping to ensure everyone gets counted.


On average, Texas will lose $11,610 (per decade) per person that is not counted.*


The North Texas area, and the state as a whole, needs these funds to serve our people.


Please help us make sure everyone is counted by sharing information about the census with your employees.



  • Linking to this website.

  • Putting written information in pay stubs.

  • Including information about the census in newsletters.

  • Sending a mailing to employees.

  • Encouraging employees to get involved with their city’s Complete Count Committee, which will come online as we get closer to the census.


On March 23, 2020, send a link to employees to allow them to complete their census form online.


Historically, the communities hardest to count are apartment renters, immigrants, children ages 0 to five, and young adults ages 18 to 24. If you employ those who have emigrated from another country, young adults, or parents of young children, please help us make sure they are included.


*Source: George Washington University, “Counting for Dollars 2020”



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